As a teenager in high school so many years back, our mathematics teacher created a curious feeling in my thinking pod whenever he puts up a mathematical equation on the board and he turns back to us and says find the Y and the X in the equation.

What beats my imagination is that literally speaking the Y is located in the equation but it doesn’t mean the Y is properly placed in its right position. The Y is either it is a function of some numerical or alphabetical expression or it is equal to an answer.

As an individual or a business owner, you must always “Find your WHY”. There is a saying that “Where purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable” in simple terms when you don’t know why you exist then abuse is certain because your life, skills, talent, and the gift has not been properly channeled to its full potential.

There are so many WHY you should be finding

Finding your WHY of Existence.

Finding your WHY of birthing that Business Idea.

Finding your WHY of writing that Business Proposal.

Finding your WHY of growing your Platform of Influence.

Finding your WHY of Acquiring that Skills.

Finding your WHY of getting committed to your Goals and Vision.

Finding your WHY of getting married.

Finding your WHY of Creating Business Relationships and Network.

Finding your WHY of Starting that Degree.

Finding your WHY of Content Intake (Book Reading).

Finding your WHY of Loving Yourself.

Finding your WHY of Discovering your Potentials.

There are countless WHY the list is endless. So many people can’t identify their “WHY” and some knows it but it is not rightly placed due to their insensitivity of putting a square peg in a round hole.

One thing is to find your WHY another task is for it to be rightly positioned by backing it with action in order to have the desired result. There are so many misplaced WHY that missed the first step of action like a mathematical equation that requires steps to arrive at the solution.

When finding your WHY of purpose or existence there must be a required formula that must be applied before the desired result can be achieved.

A task of finding why you exist must come with the consciousness of what are your purpose in life? If you don’t know why you exist then a meaningless life awaits your journey in life. You must first know who you are by discovering yourself, potentials and gifts before there can be an actualization of your full potential to benefit your community and world at large.

It takes no time for people to believe in your WHY of existence, purpose, and dreams by not forgetting the fact that it comes with a price of yourself. The world revolves around people who find their WHY of existence.

Knowing why purpose should be achieved is a key element that should be incubated in your thinking pod. You can have the purpose of existence and still don’t know why it should be achieved to its full potential.

The world can’t discover your WHY for you due to the fact that the world owes you nothing but you owe the world reason of existence. You can’t choose to be a parasite in the world you live without mutually co-impacting in your place of existence. The world needs you more than you need it.

Finding your WHY makes you a decisive person to take actions to achieve goals in life. The attitude of not finding your WHY makes you lost in the crowd and scheme of things and definitely becoming a tool of actualizing other people’s dream or rather become a constituted nuisance to yourself and the world you live in.

Finding your WHY should be a deliberate action undertaken by you through spontaneous introspection that requires timing as well. Your misplaced WHY can produce a defective success due to its wrong positioning, so understanding your Why of purpose and positioning it correctly gives you an effective success.

Balance the equation of your WHY in all areas of life to give you an expected result.



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